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Everything you need to enjoy a trip to Japan with kids and survive the stay hassle-free.

Hawaii is a total paradise, but for us, it was more of a vacation nightmare. Traveling from Japan for the very first time with our young sons to a friend’s wedding, we experienced a common problem: cumbersome strollers and suitcases maxed out with kids’ toys, skincare, and clothes.

To save space, we decided to buy diapers after we arrived, but the choice was overwhelming and we were unsure what to buy. We wondered if there was a way to help parents choose products for their children ahead of their trip that were already vetted and conveniently waiting for them when they arrived.

And so we created lileo. We provide parents traveling to Japan everything you need for your babies, toddlers or kids. From stroller rentals to diapering and feeding products, we will have it all conveniently waiting for you at your chosen destination. We take the hassle out of traveling so families can focus on fun!

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Wishing you happy times and happy travels!



Erika and Hiro