Step 1

Be Picky

Choose from our selection of premium products and rentals.

Step 2

Details, Details

Share your travel plans including your pick-up location: hotel or post office.

Step 3

Ready & Waiting

Pick up your order when you arrive at your selected location.

Step 4

Return Trip

Drop any rental items off at your hotel’s front desk or a post office. See FAQ for details.

Best of the Best

Japan’s baby care industry is recognized worldwide for its innovation, focus on high-quality natural ingredients and effective results.

Good Clean Fun

Rentals are completely disassembled, thoroughly sanitized, and closely inspected to ensure they run smoothly every time.

Curation Process
How we select our products.

The Search is On

Our search to find premium products takes us across Japan and around the world, including boutique baby stores, local drug stores, and online. We also meet with brands and pediatricians directly to ensure we never miss what’s up-and-coming or what’s tried-and-true.

Playing it Safe

We thoroughly inspect every item and ingredient we sell. It’s simple: if we don’t like a product, we don’t sell it. We take great pride in always offering gear that is safe and reliable, and products that are naturally gentle. We even translate instructions and ingredients into English to eliminate any confusion.

Reality Check

To gain an outside opinion unaffected by endorsements or marketing, we ask the most critical reviewers of all: parents. We seek out real people who have actually used an item and ask them for their honest opinions. These findings help us determine what to offer our own customers.

Do Try This at Home

Everything we offer meets the highest standards for ingredients, scent, consistency, reliability and ease of travel, because we do all of the real-world testing ourselves. Typically, each product is tried and inspected for a month before we decide its something we want to share with you.