Our Privacy Policy

We at Koryu Inc. (“Company”) respect your privacy and are committed to protecting the confidentiality of our users. This privacy policy explains how information you submit to the Company will be used.
Please read this privacy policy carefully prior to accessing the Company’s website (otherwise set forth in the Company’s Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement) (“Site”) or the Company’s service (otherwise set forth in the Company’s Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement ) (“Service”). If you do not agree to abide by this privacy policy, please do not access the Site or use the Service.

By visiting or using the Site or Service, you are accepting the terms described in this privacy policy as well as the Company’s Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement (“Agreement”). This privacy policy is governed by the Agreement. Please note that the Agreement contains important information regarding disclaimers of warranties, limitation of liabilities, and definitions for all capitalized terms that are not defined within this privacy policy.

    1. Access to and use of the Site and Service
      You acknowledge that you are fully competent to enter into all of the terms, set forth in this privacy policy as well as in the Agreement.
    2. Purpose of use for personal information
      Personal Information (defined by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Article 2 (1) in Japanese law) gathered by the Company from you will be used for the following purposes (“Purposes”):

      1. To enable the Company to effectively operate the Site and provide its services;
      2. To provide information to you regarding the Site or Service;
      3. To provide you with information regarding the Company and third party services that the Company believes you may find to be useful;
      4. To facilitate research, analysis, and surveys for the purpose of improving the Company’s Site or Service;
      5. To resolve any problems regarding the functioning or efficiency of the Site or Service;
      6. To search for any errors, fraud or any other criminal activity in order to protect users of the Site or Service;
      7. To develop internal rules and administrative policies for the Company;
      8. To facilitate legal actions;
      9. To obtain your consent for using your personal information for uses not automatically permitted in this privacy policy, and;
      10. To carry out any related activities needed to accomplish the above exceptions.
    3. Handling of personal information
      1. The Company makes strident efforts to protect the anonymity of its users. All reviews and comments from users are only identifiable by their username or first name.
      2. The Company collects personal information which includes, but is not limited, to your email address, first and last name, telephone number, billing address, and select Facebook information. We collect this information from sources such as, but not limited to: your responses to survey questions, correspondence with the Company, and interactions with the Site and Service.
    4. Handling of non-personal information
      The Company may freely collect, use, and disclose any non-personal information that is necessary for either the proper functioning of the Site or Service or which could be useful in improving any of the Company’s sites, services, or products.
    5. Management of information or other information
      1. The Company may entrust any part of its business to improve the Site or the Service for the users to a third party. To facilitate this, the Company may provide personal information or other information to the entrustee.
      2. Information collected by the Company may be stored and processed in Japan or any other country in which the Company or its agents maintain facilities. You consent to the collection and use of information as well as any transfer of information to locations outside of your country.
      3. The Company makes no representations or warranties with respect to any duty to permanently store any personal information it has collected.
    6. Transfer of personal information to third parties
      The Company will not transfer user’s personal information to a third party, except as set forth either by law or the terms of this privacy policy. Exceptions include transfers:

      1. Required by laws, judicial decisions or judicial injunctions of any public agency, such as a regulatory agency, a court, or any other organization having similar authority;
      2. Required to protect against death, bodily injury, or damage to property in cases where it is difficult to obtain timely consent from the individual;
      3. Necessary to fulfill the Purposes as described in the 2nd provision, and;
      4. Cases where personal information is shared due to mergers or acquisitions.
    7. Publicly information by others
      1. Any personal information that you voluntarily disclose online (on discussion boards, in messages and reviews, within your public profile page, etc.) becomes publicly available and can be collected and used by others.
      2. Your username or first name(not your email address) may be displayed to other users when you upload content or send messages through the Site. Any content that you submit to the Site may be redistributed through the Internet and other media channels, and may be viewed by the general public.
    8. Cookies
      Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers in the form of text files that are inserted and stored by your web browser on your computer’s hard drive. The Company and third party advertisers may set and access cookies on your computer to track and store preferential information about you. The Company and third party advertisers gather anonymous information about their users through these cookies on an aggregate level only. This aggregated information is used within the Company’s internal organization and is only shared with third party advertisers on an aggregated and non-individually identifiable basis.
    9. Security
      Personal information you submit to the Company is password protected for your privacy and security. In the unlikely event that an unauthorized third party compromises the Company’s security measures, the Company will not be responsible for any damages directly or indirectly caused by an unauthorized third party’s ability to view, use or disseminate such information.
    10. Transmissions, submissions and postings
      1. The Company welcomes the submission of comments, information and feedback regarding the Site and the Service. However, the Company does not want to receive certain kinds of information from you, including any confidential or proprietary information without its prior, written consent.
      2. Although the Company does not regularly review your transmissions, submissions or postings, the Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to edit, refuse to post or remove your transmissions, submissions or postings. You hereby acknowledge and agree that the Company may review transmissions, submissions or postings made by you to determine, in its sole discretion, your compliance with the Agreement, this privacy policy and any applicable rules. The Company shall have the unrestricted right to use such information for any purpose and without compensation to you.
    11. Changes to this privacy policy
      The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to update, amend and change this privacy policy without prior notice and at any time. Updates to this privacy policy will be posted here. You are encouraged to revisit this privacy policy from time to time in order to review any changes that have been made. Your continued use of the Site and any Service following the posting of any such changes will automatically be deemed your acceptance of all changes.
    12. Severability
      If any provision of this privacy policy or part thereof is held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable under laws or regulations, all remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.
    13. Questions or concerns
      If you have questions, comments, concerns or feedback regarding this privacy policy, please contact us by email set forth below:

Email Address of Contact:

Department of Contact: Business Affairs

This privacy policy has an English version and a Japanese version. However, the English version has been prepared only for the convenience of English speakers. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the Japanese and English versions of this privacy policy, the Japanese version will always supersede the English version.