Inflatable Baby Bathtub

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It’s a very smart choice to have an inflatable bathtub delivered to your destination to use during your stay in Japan.
We offer them at an exceptionally reasonable price.

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Product Details:

Brand: Richell
Package Size (Approximately):
Length: 26 cm / 10”
Width: 19.5 cm / 7.6”
Thickness : 5.5 cm / 2.1“
Product Size (Approximately):
Length: 68 cm / 27”
Width: 47 cm / 18.5”
Height: 29 cm / 11.5“
Holds 10 liters / 2.6 gallons
Quantity: 1
Amount per Pack: 1 Inflatable Bathtub
Made in China
Manufacturer / Supplier: Richell
Address: 36 Mizuhashi Sakuragi, Toyama-shi, Toyama
Phone #: 076-478-3957
Official Website:

1. Inflate the baby bath from four separate air holes.
2. Do not place tub on bumpy surfaces, and/or on hard, sharp objects.
3. Do not inflate to the maximum capacity. Leave some room for the air to move around.
4. Recommended temperature of water is 30 – 40 C / 86 – 104 F.
5. Do NOT put hot water over 50 C / 122 F. It will cause product to get damaged.
6. Throw out water and dry completely every time after using.
7. Press the air hole, while gently pushing out the air.

Safety Instructions:
• Use under adult supervision at all times.
• Check to see if there are no damages and/or rips in material before using.
• Do not use inflating pumps.
• Do not inflate to the maximum capacity.
• Always check the water temperature before bathing.
• Do not put water above the line indicated inside the bath.
• Do not leave baby in the bath unattended.
• Do not use product in water. Always use on a flat surface.
• Do not lift product with water and/or baby inside.
• Do not pull the air hole while using product.
• Always support your baby with your hands while bathing.
• This product can be used up to the age of 6 months.
• Do not use product when the baby is uncomfortable.
• Make sure the air hole is plugged in all the way.
• If the plug does not go in all the way, apply some water to loosen the tension.
• Do not apply product on cuts, burns, and any kind of irritations.

• Keep away from sharp and/or hard objects.
• Do not use the product for purposes other than the intended purposes.
• Product you receive may have different designs from the website photo.
• Manufacturer, supplier, and distributors of this product do not guarantee safety. Make sure you read all instructions to use the product safely.

How to store Product:
• Keep out of reach of children. Make sure your children do not have access to product and packaging.
• Avoid high temperature above 50C / 122F, high humidity, direct sunlight. Store in cool environment. Leaving the package in a hot environment could melt the plastic. Do not leave in hot environment.
• To avoid danger of suffocation throw away empty package.
• Discard after 18 months after purchase or when product is damaged and/or worn out.

Made of:
• ATBC-PVC – Acetyl Tributyl Citrate-Polyvinyl Chloride – A plasticized resin, used in many child toys.

Disposal Instructions:
• Follow your district’s disposal policies.

Legal Disclaimer: Actual product, product packaging and the official website may have different information than what is on this website. All translations are provided for information purposes only. We advise you not to rely solely on the information on this website.

Please allow at least 7 days for delivery

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