Diapers and Wipes


1 Set of wipes and 5 pieces of diapers for a day trip

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The simple, minimal diaper bundle for your little one, packed and shipped to your accommodation.
• 5 Diapers included

*This bundle will be FREE once you add a rental product to your cart.

This package includes:

Easy Up Diapers

Sold in 5 pieces per pack.

Having a hard time changing diapers for your energy-filled baby?
These Pampers Easy-up diapers are the perfect solution to babies who love to move around.


The rosy-cheeked look is cute on a baby’s face. Unfortunately, the rosy tint isn’t so adorable on baby’s behinds.

Pampers baby wipes will make the mess disappear quickly and are gentle enough to keep that rosy-cheeked smile on your babies face.

Pampers wipes are:

  • Clinically proven mild
  • Made with lotion and pure water
  • Non–alcoholic, Perfume Free
Please allow at least 7 days for delivery

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