Swaddlers Diapers



Sold in 5 pieces per pack.
Item is not sold as shown in the main image.

Every child is different and has their “perfect” diaper preference.With that in mind, we are proud to offer the Pampers line, used and loved in over 100 countries world-wide.

These Tape-type Swaddlers are a perfect choice for your precious little one.

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Product Details:

Sold in multiples of 5 pieces.
Diapers will be delivered in a clear plastic package as shown in the last image, NOT the package shown in the main image.

Brand: Pampers
Package Size (Approximately): Length: 25 cm – 32 cm / 9.8″ – 12.5″ Width: 21 cm – 18 cm / 8.2″ – 7″ Thickness: 6 cm – 9 cm / 2.3″ – 3.5″
Quantity: 1
Amount per Pack: 5 Diapers
Made in Japan
Manufacturer / Supplier: P&G, Proctor and Gamble Japan
Address: 7-1-18 Onoe Dori, Chuo-Ku, Kobe 651-0088
Phone #: 0120-021329
Official Website: https://www.jp.pampers.com/

1. Open up a clean diaper.
2. Make sure side gathers are unfolded.
3. Gently lay your baby on the diaper (side with the tape is the back)
4. Cover baby’s front, tucking the side wings around your baby’s waist
5. Unseal the tape and stick both sides to fit diaper to the baby’s waist.
6. Wetness indicator: Yellow = Dry ; Blue = Wet

Safety Instructions:
• Change dirty diapers as soon as possible.
• Do not stick the tape directly to your baby’s skin.
• To avoid swallowing suffocations and other injuries, store product out of reach of children.
• Immediately stop use and consult with a doctor / physician if user gets irritations after use.

• Keep away from fire. Flammable.
• Dispose after single use. Do not reuse.
• Do not use the product for purposes other than the intended purposes.
• Diapers you receive may have different designs from the website photo.

How to Store Product:
• Keep out of reach of children. Make sure your children do not have access to the diapers and plastic package.
• Avoid high temperature, high humidity, direct sunlight. Store in cool environment. Leaving the package in a hot environment could melt the plastic. Do not leave in hot environment.
• After opening the package, seal tight to keep unused diapers sanitary.
• To avoid danger of suffocation throw away empty package.

Made Of:
• Non-woven Polyolefin – Similar to Polypropylene, a non-woven plastic fiber
• Non-woven Polyester – Fabric made of 100% Polyester
• Cotton-like Pulp – Liquid Absorbent
• Superabsorbent Polymer – Powder that absorbs liquid 300 times its own weight
• Polyolefin Film – Material made of polymer plastic film
• Adhesive Tape – Commonly known as sticky tape
• Synthetic Rubber – Artificial rubber
• Hot-melt adhesives – Commonly known as glue

Disposal Instructions:
• Flush discharge in toilet if possible.
• If you are throwing away the diaper in the trash, roll diaper so that the dirty side is not exposed, put it in a sealed bag if possible.
• If there are no garbage cans especially for diapers, make sure to put used diapers in a sealed bag, or take them back to your personal garbage cans.
• Follow your district’s disposal policies.

Legal Disclaimer: Actual product, product packaging and the official website may have different information than what is on this website. All translations are provided for information purposes only. We advise you not to rely solely on the information on this website.

Please allow at least 7 days for delivery

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